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Divya Music organizes general and specialized workshops with an aim of helping society in general, promotion and development of the performing arts - dance among different communities e.g. school children, nursery play school kids, college / university students, elderly, differently-abled children etc. Divya Music undertakes development and execution of projects on performing arts including dance. Music healing therapy workshops are organized for the people suffering with specific physical disorders, psychological conditions and diseases etc.


Dance workshop for participants of Television Realty Show

Divya Music conducts special dance workshop for kids and dancing workshop for kids / children participating in the television realty shows based on dance. The participants of the Indian Television dance reality shows like Boogie Woogie, Little Champ, Dance India Dance, Chak Dhoom etc receive special training on how to dance on stage. The expert presentation tips for these dance competitions are provided, training on solo dancing and group dancing, and instrumental dane performance is offered. You are welcome to contact Divya music for inquiry on these workshops.

Dance workshop for Elderly - old age citizens

Divya Music organizes special dance training workshop for elderly community. These workshops help elders to successfully overcome the old-age related Loneliness, depression, inactivity and routine disorders by positively involving them in a creative hobby of dancing. The funding / sponsorship program is available for these dance workshops for elders. You are welcome to contact Divya Music for further details.

Dance workshop for differently-abled

Divya Music organizes workshops on dance training for differently-abled (disabled) persons. These workshops can be organized at community centers or at institutions. The funding / sponsorship program is available for these workshops for differently abled persons. You are welcome to contact Divya Music for further details.


Development of relaxation music and dance program for office and industrial employees

Divya Music Franchise

Divya Music offers franchise opportunity to the individuals and institutions genuinely interested towards the promotion and development of performing arts - Music and Dance in major cities and towns in India and abroad. These affiliated centers / franchise centers of Divya Music can enroll the students and conduct the certificate and hobby courses in Music and Dance on regular basis.

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Divya Music offers Dancing Hobby classes, Certificate, Diploma, Graduation Bachelor, Post graduate Masters degree & Doctorate level dance courses in:
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Indian Folk / Tribal Dancing Courses - Divya dance school regular classes: Bhangra Punjabi dance | Gidda Punjab dance | Garba Gujarati dance | Raas Dandiya Brij dance | Bihu Assamese dance
Indian Folk / Tribal Dance Courses - DM Live Core online dance lessons: Bhangra Punjab online | Gidda Punjabi online | Garba Gujarati online | Raas Dandiya Braj online | Bihu Assam online classes

Global / Western Dance Courses - Divya dance school regular classes: Salsa dance | Hip-Hop dance | Ballet dance | Jazz dance | Fitness - Slimming dance | Swing | Tap Dancing | Ballroom | Street dance
Global / Western Dancing Courses - DM Live Core online dance lessons: Salsa online | Hip-Hop online | Ballet online | Jazz online | Fitness dance | Swing online | Tap | Ballroom Dance | Street online

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