• Ms. Aarti Singh
    Housewife, Mumbai, Maharahtra, India

    Wrote: Thank you Music class online for the fabulous online Kathak dance lessons, the online Kathak dance guru Ms Sandhya made us believe that WE CAN ! Her motivations and expert Kathak dance training has made me a very good Kathak dancer and my daughter was awarded as the best Indian dance performer in her school. I am very happy to feel physically fit and have lost the extra fat, very special ONLINE thanks for it.

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    Info tech professional, Hyderabad, India

    Wrote: It is amazing, unbelievable for all of my work colleagues, family and friends to experience my upgraded slimmer version 1.0 (upgraded from my older fatty version 2.0), Ha! Ha! I am healthier, happier and working with a better processing speed in my daily chorus. Thank you all at Divya Music fitness slimming online classes for blessing me with ‘HOW YOU DID IT’ compliments. Your web technology supported online weight loss class is just wonderful for the young, workaholic, tech addicted generation to help keep fit. I did not have to step out of my PG home for a dance workout to get slim, so it is still a well guarded secret. Ssssh….koi sun na le..

  • Mr. Sandeep
    Management Student, Sydney, Australia

    Wrote: Mr Raghu is a great Bollywood dance choreographer, the variety of dance styles he can perform and effectively train on web classes is simply fascinating for me. This is my tenth month of learning the Bollywood movies style dance online and Hindustani classical vocal singing lessons online. I literally feel like i know a bit of every dance style and still love to learn dancing further. The Indian voice classes are great too, i am transformed, I am better focused now and can concentrate on everything in the best way, be it my college studies, University project, sports activities or the part time job. I always recommend your online dance lessons and the online music lessons class to all of my Indian and Australian friends, especially the busy guys like me.

  • Ms. Sasikala
    Bank office executive, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    Wrote: Thank you Divya Music to assist me lose weight and getting me full of energy and lighter by seven kilograms in two months flat. Your online fitness dancing lessons has worked well and I have lost body weight only due to your brilliant slimming dance instructor Ms. Ragini. I am continuing my weight loss dance practice with her until I lose some more extra flab from my lower abdomen and flanks.

  • Mr. Mark
    Theatre Artist, New York, USA

    Wrote: Hi, Divya Music online dance classes are the best complementary performing art lessons with my regular theater activities. It is an amazingly convenient, efficient and affordable method of online education. Best Wishes,

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    Industrialist, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

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  • Ms. Lisa
    Professor in University, California, USA

    Wrote: Namaste ! I had always been fascinated by the colorful drama dance styles of India and had always wanted to travel to India to learn more about them. DM Live Core real time online dance classes from India has helped me to learn and practice the Indian classical dance forms through Skype dance lessons. Living miles away in USA, I have been able to learn more about the Indian classical dance styles - Bharatnatyam dance, Kathak dancing and Odissi. It is amazing to understand and learn about the Indian culture, art, dancing steps, dance drama themes, dance movements and gestures with clarity and dedication from my Indian dance Gurus. The dance teachers at Divya Music are excellent for online dance learning program.

Divya Music Franchise

Divya Music offers franchise opportunity to the individuals and institutions genuinely interested towards the promotion and development of performing arts - Music and Dance in major cities and towns in India and abroad. These affiliated centers / franchise centers of Divya Music can enroll the students and conduct the certificate and hobby courses in Music and Dance on regular basis.

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The highly experienced faculty of the best music teachers and top dance gurus at Divya Music always offer much more in teaching music and dance than just the prescribed syllabus.

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Divya Music offers Dancing Hobby classes, Certificate, Diploma, Graduation – Bachelor, Post graduate – Masters degree & Doctorate level dance courses in:
Indian Classical Dance Courses - Divya dance school regular classes: Bharatnatyam dance | Kathak dance | Odissi dance | Manipuri dance | Kuchipudi dance | Mohiniyattam dance | Kathakali | Sattriya dance
Indian Classical Dancing Courses - DM Live Core online dance lessons: Bharatnatyam online | Kathak online | Odissi online | Manipuri online | Kuchipudi online | Mohiniyattam online

Indian Folk / Tribal Dancing Courses - Divya dance school regular classes: Bhangra Punjabi dance | Gidda Punjab dance | Garba Gujarati dance | Raas Dandiya Brij dance | Bihu Assamese dance
Indian Folk / Tribal Dance Courses - DM Live Core online dance lessons: Bhangra Punjab online | Gidda Punjabi online | Garba Gujarati online | Raas Dandiya Braj online | Bihu Assam online classes

Global / Western Dance Courses - Divya dance school regular classes: Salsa dance | Hip-Hop dance | Ballet dance | Jazz dance | Fitness - Slimming dance | Swing | Tap Dancing | Ballroom | Street dance
Global / Western Dancing Courses - DM Live Core online dance lessons: Salsa online | Hip-Hop online | Ballet online | Jazz online | Fitness dance | Swing online | Tap | Ballroom Dance | Street online

Popular Dance Styles Courses: Bollywood dance lessons online | Slimming dance lessons online | Rajasthani Gypsy folk tribal dance | Rock n roll dance | Break dance classes