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Different dancing styles and forms of dances in India are very ancient and highly developed performing arts. The classical and folk dance styles in India usually have the devotional nature associated with them. All classical dance forms in India have two main aspects - Nritta and Nrittya. The term "classical" ("Shastriya") denotes the 'Natya Shastra' (Drama theme) based performing art and dance forms / dance styles.

The classical Dance form of the Indian culture is very important, unique and different from all over the world, Indian classical dance is a relatively umbrella term for various art forms rooted in Natya (Drama) and the sacred Hindu musical theatre styles, The Natya shastra theory by Bharata Muni can be traced and accordingly a dance style is classical to the extent it incorporates the Natya Shastra steps and expressions.

Divya Music and Dance school offers Indian classical dance classes for learning classical Indian dances. Certificate / Diploma level dance courses based on teaching dance through regular dance classes and online dance lessons are available at Divya Music.

The famous senior Indian classical dance gurus at Divya school of dance teach the art and technique of traditional classical Indian dance forms to the dance students in a non – competitive, dedicated and disciplined manner following the well-known, age old ‘Guru – shishya parampara’ (Indian Teacher – disciple system), in a family like sacred atmosphere. The finer dance gestures, finer finger movements and gross bodily dance movements, dancing steps, variable active rhythm, drama, dance expressions, graceful style, dancing posture, acting, devotion, dance moves and dancing ‘mudras’ – are all the very important in learning these dancing styles.

Online dance courses - lessons: available with Divya dance school online classes are in following dance styles - dance hobby and Certificate level courses in seven Indian classical dancing styles (Bhartiya Shastriya Nrittya) :

Bharatnatyam dance online, Kathak dance online, Odissi dance online, Manipuri dance online, Kuchipudi dance online, Mohiniyattam dance online.

Divya Music, one of the top dance schools in India, conducts regular and online dancing classes for:

1. Introductory / Intermediate / Advanced level Certificate courses - of 6 / 12 months duration.
2. Junior / Senior level Diploma courses - of 2 years duration.
3. Hobby learning classes for All - of unlimited duration.

Divya Music presents details on a few major classical and folk dance styles – solo dances / group dances practiced in India. Divya Music offers dance training courses / online dance lessons for the following dance styles:

Bharata Natyam Dance

learn bharatnayam Bharata Natyam : Originated from Tamil Nadu state in Southern India, it has style that boasts strength & beauty. Bharat Natyam style has balanced and dynamic positions too. In dance, Bharat Natyam dance is like a diamond and has many steps to be in rhythm and expressive positions. It’s the combination of melody & rhythm, poetry & drama, expression & sculpture, color & traditions. These all aspects make it world’s most popular Indian dance.

Manipuri Dance

learn manipuri Manipuri : It originated from Manipur state in North East of India. It’s a devotional & regional dance where Manipuri dancers devote themselves to Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu. Traditionally, this dance style has been taught to the devotees by the local priests. If a person wanted to learn Manipuri dance, there was no special Guru for teaching Manipuri dance, just visiting a regional priest called ‘Ojha’ was enough to start learning Manipuri dance at priest’s home. Manipuri dance style is very smooth, simple, clean and elegant. The dance is performed by male dancers & female dancers both and the difference is visible very clearly. The female dancer is very poised and gentle and the male dancer is powerful and energetic. Overall, this dance is never aggressive and loud. It’s main theme is for the Shirngar - Bhakti (love & devotional aspect) dance dedicated to God.

Kathak Dance

learn kathak Kathak : It originated from ‘Braj’ region in Uttar Pradesh state of northern India. The word ‘Kathak’ means ‘Katha’ (story in Hindi) – a story being narrated through the Kathak dance. Everyone like stories and in Kathak dance stories the facial expression and style does matter and in that manner to tell a story by dance is called ‘kathak’. In Kathak dance style the dancing skills included are recitation, singing, acting & dancing. This dance originally developed close to Lord Krishna’s birth place in 15th century AD through ‘Ras-leela’ – the divine dance in ‘Braj’. With the passing time the meaning and aim of this traditional devotional dance format has also changed and the devotional lyrics have been replaced by very fast rhythm.

Odissi Dance

learn odissi Odissi : Originated from Orissa state of India, which is located on the eastern coast of central India. This state is very old and rich in culture, traditions and religious beliefs. In India, dance are always related to devotion towards God and devotee pays their devotion through dance.
Today, in present “Tabu” & “Pallvi” is most famous sculptural poses and dance style practiced in Odissi dance. The ‘ashtapadi’ is a great part in Odissi dance, ‘Moksha (salvation) is also an important part where a Odissi dancer pays homage to God, to the Guru and to audience before ending her performance. In the Odissi dance style, the sacred verses from the ‘Gita-Govind’ are narrated as the main part of lyrics.

Kuchipudi Dance

learn kuchipudi Kuchipudi : Kuchipudi dance belongs to a little village by the name Kuchipudi itself in the southern Indian state of Andhra pardesh. It’s based on stories from the Puranas. In Kuchipudi dance style, the Kuchipudi dancer is required to sing, dance and deliver the dialogue. This form is still prevalent and popular. In the Kuchipudi dramas male dancers impersonate the female characters. Women are not permitted to take part in this dance drama at all.

Mohiniyattam Dance

learn mohiniyattam Mohiniyattam : Is the dance style developed by the women in Kerala state of southern India. Mohiniyattam dance has the ancient history, which belong to Hindu mythology. The drums called edakka and maddalam are used in this dance like the Kathakali dance style but it has no harsh movement like kathkali.

Sattriya Dance

learn sattriya Sattriya :It is much unknown form of Indian classical dance, relates to the beautiful state of Assam in north east India. It was originated by Srimant Sankaradeva, the man who started the “bhakti movement” (devotional movement) with the Assameese people and was the well known poet, playwright and artist of his time. The name of the Sattriya dance style is also related to the name of ‘Sattra’ village in Assam.

Kathkali Dance

learn kathkali Kathkali : Kathkali dance is very exciting and is the traditional dance form the southern Indian of Kerala. “Katha” means a story and “kali” is play. It’s also based on Hindu mythology story. Of the masked dance forms in India, Kathkali dance is the most vibrant, colorful and the most intricate one. The Kathkali dance troupes became famous for their presentation of “Epic tales” taken from the Puranas.
This dance also faced the bad days, but in 1930, the poet Vallathol Narayana Menon saved this art and established a wonderful Kathkali dance training school for dancers performing Kathkali dance in a place called Shoranpur. Later this was called the “Kalamandlam”. “Kathkali dance” teachers are called “Ashaans”. Kathkali dance is always performed in the night. For performing this art only two things are required a wooden stoole and a small curtain, it called a “therashila”. Allover, Kathkali dance style is very magical, vibrant and colorful, easy and dramatic art.

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Divya Music Franchise

Divya Music offers franchise opportunity to the individuals and institutions genuinely interested towards the promotion and development of performing arts - Music and Dance in major cities and towns in India and abroad. These affiliated centers / franchise centers of Divya Music can enroll the students and conduct the certificate and hobby courses in Music and Dance on regular basis.

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